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Company B, 46th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Any information on the following can be E-Mailed to Sammy Pace.  He is looking for information on date of births, county and state of birth, parents names, whom, when and where he married, children, occupation, date of death and location and burial location.  Any information should be sent by August 31, 1999.

Soldier's Name County of Residence 1862 Age Parents
Atwood, Aaron Covington


John & Elizabeth Atwood
Atwood, Elbert Covington 21 John & Elizabeth Atwood
Atwood, James W. Covington 24
Baker, Joseph Perry 52
Barnes, John R. Marion 18 J.P. & Elizabeth Barnes
Bass, Jonathan H. Covington 32 Ephraim & Eliza Bass
Bass, William T.J. Covington 23 Ephraim & Eliza Bass
Bell, Hiram N. Covington 21 Jackson & Mary Ann Bell
Bell, Norvell R. Covington 24 Jackson & Mary Ann Bell
Biglane, Thomas
Blackwell, Joseph Warren Covington 20 E.H. & Mary Ann Blackwell
Bond, Jasper Marion 20 John & Carolyn (Lott) Bond
Braddy, Addison E. Jones 27
Braddy, G.
Braddy, J.F. Jones
Braddy, John
Braddy, W.S.
Brady, John M. Covington James Brady
Broom, Thomas Covington 36 John & Courtney (?) Broom
Buchanan, George C. Covington 35 Duncan & Margaret Buchanan
Carr, John Jasper
Carter, Clinton R. Covington 24 Marcus Elam & Lidia E. Carter
Carter, Jacob W. Covington 42 Marcus Elam & Lidia E. Carter
Carter, Nathan H. Covington 33 Marcus Elam & Lidia E. Carter
Carter, William Erasmus Jasper 19 William Erasmus Lynch Carter
Chambers, William Pitt Covington 22 John & Mercer (Welch) Chambers
Cole, C.P.
Cole, J.F.
Collins, Franklin E. Pike 22
Cook, Marion Marion 18 William James, Sr. & Sarah (Temples) Cook
Crawford, T.G. Jones
Duckworth, Joseph T. Covington 29 Zabud & Mary Duckworth
Duckworth, Zabud F. Covington 20 Zabud & Mary Duckworth
Dyers, J. Covington
Dyess, William P. Covington 24 John & Harriet Dyess
Dykes, Irvin Covington 21 Jacob H. & Sarah E. Dykes
Dykes, James C. Covington 26 Jacob H. & Sarah E. Dykes
Easterling, Z.A.
Eaton, Samuel J. Covington 16 Nancy Eaton
Fairly, Archey
Freeman, Evan G. Covington 36
Freeman, F.M. Covington
Freeman, M.D.
Freeman, T.G.
Freeman, Harvey Morgan, AL 22
Gentry, A.
Gibbons, W.R. Marion 28
Gibson James R.
Gipson, J.P.
Graham, Benjamin F. Marion
Graham, Francis M. Covington 18 John & Lucinda Graham
Graham, James A., Jr.
Graves, A. Covington
Harper, Samuel J. Covington 32 A.S. & Martha Harper
Hathorn, George M. Covington 18 Robert C. & Keziah Hathorn
Herrin, Absalom Marion 20 Solomon, Sr. & Catherine "Katy" (Lott) Herrin
Herrin, Sheppard Marion Solomon, Sr. & Catherine "Katy" (Lott) Herrin
Herring, S.D.
Hester, Henry
Hester, Isaac
Howell, F.M.
Howell, John T. Smith 19
Howell, S.M.
Keys, Joseph Berry Covington 41
Keys, John Wiley Covington 17 Joseph Berry & Elizabeth Ann Keys
Lee, William W. Covington 19 Seburn & Mary Ann Lee
Lott, Andrew Jackson Covington 21 John & Sarah "Sallie" (Aultman) Lott
Lott, William Arthur "Arter" Covington 24 John & Sarah "Sallie" (Aultman) Lott
Lott, Cullen Covington 18 John & Sarah "Sallie" (Aultman) Lott
Lott, Morgan M. Covington 34
Lott, Nathan J. Marion 17 Reuben Watts & Rutha (Rayburn) Lott
Lott, Thomas A. Covington 20 John & Sarah "Sallie" (Aultman) Lott
Magee, Hugh R. Covington 28 Robert & Margaret Magee
Magee, J.W. Marion
Magee, Tobias
Magee, Turpin D.
Magee, Tyra J. Marion 20 Jacky & Ann E. Magee
Magee, Willis I. Covington 43
Manning, W.J. Rankin 21
Maxey, James Covington
McDade, John C.
McInnis, Daniel B. Covington
McLaurin, A.H.
McLean, Daniel R. Covington 19 John H. & Sarah Ann McLean
McMillen, J.S.
McPhail, J.R. Marion 31
McPhail, John Covington 33 Allen & Parthenia McPhail
McPhail, Joseph Covington 18 Allen & Parthenia McPhail
McRaney, John M. Covington 23 John & Eliza McCraney
Miller, F.M.
Miller, M.F.
Milloy, John Covington 25 Archibald & Sarah Milloy
Moore, W.L.
Morris, Winston Marion 43 Edmund & Sarah Thompson Morris
Moses, Henry Marion 42
O’Connor, Patrick
Pace, Francis Marion Marion 18 William M. & Amy (Broom) Pace
Pace, John Guslin Marion 25 Zebedee F. & Candace Morris Pace
Pace, William Franklin "Frank" Marion 25 William M. & Amy (Broom) Pace
Pace, William M. Marion 22 Zebedee F. & Candace Morris Pace
Pace, Zebedee F. Marion 20 William M. & Amy (Broom) Pace
Pickering, Willis Covington 15 James T. & Catherine Pickering
Pickins, Andrew J. Marion
Polk, John Covington 27 Loyd & Asseneth Polk
Polk, W.W.
Powers, John R. Smith
Prine, Alfred Jones
Rayburn, John J. Covington 35 James & Sarah Rayburn
Reddock, James Virgil W.R. Reddock
Robbins, Stephen Marion 20 Jethro Robbins
Robertson, Franklin A. Covington 20 Asaph P. & Sarah Robertson
Robertson, George G. Covington 24 Asaph P. & Sarah Robertson
Robertson, John S. Jefferson 18 Richard Robertson
Robertson, Stephen Covington 27 Asaph P. & Sarah Robertson
Robertson, W.C. Covington 22 Asaph P. & Sarah Robertson
Rodgers, Benjamin F. Covington 26 Meshak Rodgers
Rodgers, Josiah Covington 35 Meshak Rodgers
Rodgers, Norvall Covington 31 Meshak Rodgers
Rodgers, Shadrack “Shade” Covington 36 Meshak Rodgers
Rodgers, Timothy Covington 33 Meshak Rodgers
Rodgers, Zabert M. Covington 17 Shadrack & Mary Rodgers
Rowell, Joseph Marion
Rowell, William Marion
Rutland, Andrew Covington 23 Catherine Rutland
Short, Archy B.
Speed, Benjamin F. Covington 28 William & Keziah Speed
Speed, William R. Covington 21 James M. & Sarah Speed
Speights, E.L.L. Lawrence
Stuckey, Elisha Covington 22 John & Nancy Stuckey
Sullivan, Lotan
Sullivan, Thomas J.H.
Sullivan, W.P.
Thompson, J. T. Covington 34
Turnage, Fletcher Davis Covington 21 Mary Ann Turnage
Ware, J.H.
Watson, John M.
Watts, Ellis Marion 29 James & Judith "Juda" (Lott) Watts
Watts, James Aultman Pickering Marion 22 James & Judith "Juda" (Lott) Watts
Whitehead, J.T.
Whitehead, T.W.
Wilkes, Abner James Covington 26 Stephen Hitchcock & Mary (McNeese) Wilkes
Wilkes, Henry George Covington 19 Stephen Hitchcock & Mary (McNeese) Wilkes
Wilkes, Joseph Asa Covington 22 Stephen Hitchcock & Mary (McNeese) Wilkes
Wilkes, Stephen Hitchcock Pinckney Covington 24 Stephen Hitchcock & Mary (McNeese) Wilkes
Wilkinson, D.L.
Wilkinson, M.M. 33
Williams, John Rankin 43
Williamson, J.H. Simpson 23
Williamson, J.P. Covington
Yawn, C.J.


Others in unit named by W.P. Chambers for which no service records have been found.
Atwood, G.W. Matthews, W.A. Whitehead, Daniel
Carr, Thomas McNair, Adelbert Whitehead, Thomas
Clark, L.C. Pickering, John Yawn, Green
Dykes, Dennis Rowell, John
Gibbons, F.M. Smith, J.C.
Gibson, Joe Smith, W.P.
Hathorn, G.R. Speed, J.M.
Keyes, Joshua Sullivan, Alexander
Magee, G.W. Sullivan, C.
Mathews, John Sullivan, H.
It may be discovered that some of these names are the same as some from the payroll list above. Further investigation is required.



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